2 days
10 Topics
150 People

Welcome to VERTEX | Air-Ground Littoral

VERTEX | Air-Ground Littoral is an exclusive two-day symposium on the state of air-ground littoral — the area between the ground and a few thousand feet above it. It is heavily populated by both friendly and enemy drones, air-defense systems, aircraft, rockets and artillery, electronic warfare systems, etc. that represent offensive opportunities and defense challenges for the Army. The Army has a need for technologies to control the space and to provide US forces the safety of holding superiority in this newly-defined threat environment.

Learn more about our upcoming VERTEX topic by reading "Land Warfare and the Air-Ground Littoral" by GEN James E. Rainey and Dr. James K. Greer.

*First printed in ARMY AVIATION Magazine, December 31, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

VERTEX captures market intelligence that can be used to inform everything from future warfighting concepts to requirements (that determine what the Army will buy) for some of the Army’s technical challenges that are best suited for commercial solutions.

Army VERTEX attendees will include personnel (leaders, SMEs, etc.) from across Army Futures Command as well as Army Program Executive Offices (PEOs). It will also include commercial technologists, founders, and market experts who can contribute to a meaningful dialogue. While there will be opportunities to build relationships during VERTEX | Air-Ground Littoral, the goal is to keep the focus on the technology, not on contracts or business development.

Absolutely! VERTEX | Air-Ground Littoral is open to companies at all stages of involvement with the DoD, from startups with dual use technology potential to established government partners.

The morning agenda includes keynotes and panel discussions from leading private-sector innovators and Army/joint experts. In the afternoons, participants will break into small groups to talk about how their technologies address critical Army use cases.

No. VERTEX | Air-Ground Littoral is not a pitch competition, and no contracts or funding will be awarded directly from this event. The information gained from VERTEX | Air-Ground Littoral will be used to help inform future Army priorities and solicitations. If you are interested in working with the US Army, visit sam.gov to find open contract opportunities or check out the open opportunities with AAL.