2 days
8 Topics
150 People

LIVESTREAM: VERTEX | Contested Logistics

We invite you to watch the morning keynotes and panel discussions online via livestream. Industry professionals, Army experts, and investors will take part in moderated dialogue on different facets of human-machine integration in Contested Logistics.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The intent of VERTEX is to capture market intelligence that can be used to inform everything from concepts to requirements for the Army’s technical problems.

VERTEX attendees will include personnel (leaders, SMEs, etc.) from across Army Futures Command as well as Army Program Executive Offices (PEOs) with a vested interest in logistics solutions. It will also include commercial technologists, founders, and market experts who can contribute to a meaningful dialogue on logistics solutions. While there will be opportunities to build relationships during VERTEX | Contested Logistics, the goal is to keep the focus on the technology, not on contracts or business development.

Absolutely! VERTEX | Contested Logistics includes companies at all stages of involvement with the DoD, from startups with dual use technology potential to established government partners.

The morning agenda includes keynotes and panel discussions from leading private-sector innovators and Army/joint experts. In the afternoons, participants will break into small groups to talk about how their technologies address critical Army logistics use cases.

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No. VERTEX | Contested Logistics is not a pitch competition, and no contracts or funding will be awarded directly from this event. The information gained from VERTEX | Contested Logistics will be used to help inform future Army priorities and solicitations. If you are interested in working with the US Army, visit sam.gov to find open contract opportunities or check out the open opportunities with AAL.

All individuals must request their own invitation to be evaluated and verified to attend VERTEX. If a colleague has been approved to attend in-person and is no longer able to attend, please contact us to request an invitation transfer. Transfer requests will be considered for colleagues with similar experience and technical background. We will evaluate transfer requests on a case-by-case basis, and acceptance is not guaranteed.