2 days
15 Topics
150 People

Welcome to VERTEX | Robotics

Hosted by Army Futures Command (AFC), VERTEX | Robotics is an exclusive two-day workshop to explore the opportunities and challenges surrounding robotic systems. This US Army market intelligence event creates a public-private exchange on new or novel robotics solutions — this year, the technology, devices, and methods that can enhance crewed or uncrewed systems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The intent of VERTEX series is to capture market intelligence that can be used to inform everything from Army solution concepts to requirements. We realized it was possible to add value back into the ecosystem by facilitating a meaningful exchange of technical information among peers across different technology sectors and allowing others to benefit from that market intelligence.

Army VERTEX attendees will include personnel (leaders, SMEs, etc.) from across Army Futures Command as well as Army Program Executive Offices (PEOs) with a vested interest in Robotics technologies. It will also include commercial technologists, founders, and market experts who can contribute to a meaningful dialogue on next-generation robotics technologies. While there will be opportunities to build relationships during VERTEX | Robotics, the goal is to keep the focus on the technology, not on contracts or business development.

Absolutely! VERTEX | Robotics is designed for companies (i) that don't typically work with the US federal government but may have a capability useful to the DoD or (ii) that have done some work for the US federal government but have not yet reached a critical mass of sales for sustained engagement. Frequently, these companies might be considered "nontraditional" defense vendors, and we would love to see you there.

All VERTEX | Robotics content will focus on four core areas:

  • Survivability: explore how we can improve the chances for Soldiers and uncrewed systems to survive and continue to operate under various attacks.
  • Command and Control: improve collaboration between multiple uncrewed platforms across both air and ground so that it's easier for Soldiers to communicate, collect, and interpret critical information.
  • Mobility: uncover ways a unit on the move can transport, deploy, recover, and maintain uncrewed systems.
  • Lethality: investigate technologies and methods for uncrewed systems to assist Soldiers without heavy vehicles or equipment gain the advantage when facing enemy armored vehicles.

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No. VERTEX | Robotics is not a pitch competition, and no contracts or funding will be awarded directly from this event. If you are interested in working with the US Army, visit sam.gov to find open contract opportunities or check out the open opportunities with AAL.