3 days
4 verticals
150 people


VERTEX | Energy is the concentrated source of energy market intelligence for the US Army. This 3-day symposium affords founders, investors, and market experts a rare opportunity to baseline product differentiation while informing the Army's approach to next-gen power.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ultimately, the intent of this event is to capture market intelligence for Army Futures Command (AFC) that can be used to inform everything from concepts to requirements. That said, we felt it was possible to add value back into the ecosystem by allowing others to benefit from that market intelligence as well. The idea is to facilitate a meaningful exchange of technical information among peers across the energy sector.

Anyone can participate in VERTEX | Energy virtually by viewing the livestream sessions on the AFC YouTube channel.

To support our focus on new and novel technology, however, we are limiting in-person attendance to 150 people and will be vetting both panel presenters and attendees to ensure alignment with the use cases that AFC seeks to address through this event.

Both panel presenters and attendees will be vetted and selected to ensure alignment with the use cases that AFC seeks to address through this event. Once you register and indicate interest in attending live in Austin, our team will review your information and determine if you are a good fit as an audience member or panelist. We'll let you know within approximately three weeks whether you are selected to participate in person and in what capacity.

The Army VERTEX | Energy event will focus on four energy and electrification technology areas:
  • Platform Electrification & Modernization, including: hybrid/all-electric propulsion, EV charging (fast, austere, extreme temps), platform exportable power (P2P and generator replacement), onboard power management (planning and real time), range extenders, and platform-to-Soldier power transfer.
  • Soldier & Small Unit Power, including: power electronics, battery charging, high-density storage, demand reduction, diffuse energy concentration, and energy awareness (planning and real time).
  • OE Infrastructure & Integration, including: standardization, intelligent power management (planning and real time), grid storage, AI/ML enhancement, power distribution in austere environments, and high temperature power inversion.
  • Operational Touchpoints with Installations, including: power storage and density, vehicle-to-grid integration, small modular nuclear reactors, and fleet management.

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No. VERTEX | Energy is not a pitch competition. It is a gathering to connect on the current state of energy and electrification technology. It's the place where commercial experts talk and the U.S. Army listens, learns, and discusses how to forge ahead—together.

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